We create robotic animals that transform the daily lives of individuals, families and communities facing health adversities.

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Out of Tragedy
Comes Inspiration

Nancy Stevens, mother of Tombot Founder + CEO Tom Stevens, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011.

I’ve faced a number of tough choices in my life, but taking away my mother’s dog was among the most difficult. Nancy was always eccentric, but in 2011 her quirky charm began to dwindle away. What was originally diagnosed as mild cognitive impairment steadily progressed to Alzheimer’s dementia. My mother lost her ability to care for herself, but at the same time succeeded in training her golden doodle puppy “Golden Bear” to be aggressive towards her caregiver. Golden Bear was my mother’s best friend; losing her contributed to her severe loneliness and depression.

What I didn’t realize at the time is my mother’s story is not unique. Millions of people facing health adversities cannot safely or practically care for a live animal companion.

I launched Tombot in 2017 to serve these people.

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Worth its weight in gold

Thank goodness someone is thinking outside the box when it comes to Memory care! I've worked in memory care for many years and our residents would have LOVED this product. Worth its weight in gold.

- Jean B.

What a fabulous way to share love

What a fabulous way to share love. The benefits of puppy love without the fear of a missed meal or an open door.

- Hilary H.

I want Tombot for him so bad

My grandfather is in a nursing home and the only memories he remembers off the bat is my Dad’s Pomeranian: Stewie. I want Tombot for him so bad. He would light up like a Christmas tree.

- Sarah S.

I think it would be good for anyone.

I want one for my emotional and panic disorders. I think it would be good for anyone.

- Donna B.

I would love to use one of these pups

I have many elementary students that are going through terrible mental & emotional issues and problems. I (as their nurse) would love to use one of these pups to help me help them.

- Debbie G.