Millions of people facing health adversities cannot safely or practically care for a live animal companion.

That's why we launched Tombot.

Our Team

Tom Stevens

Co-Founder and CEO

30+ years as a high tech C-level executive, a Masters in Business Management from Stanford University, and embarrasses his kids often with his dance moves.

Hank Schorz

Co-Founder and CTO

40+ years as a high tech C-level executive, previous Co-founder and Executive VP of ACT Litigation, and was the lead singer of the band "Steam", famous for the #1 hit record "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye."

Jesse Schorz

Co-Founder and COO

20+ years in high tech management, previously the VP of Engineering at Discoverready, and can never say no to a piece of chocolate cake.

Our Directors

Jay Goss


Jay is currently a General Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health. Wavemaker 360 is a Pasadena-based venture fund focused 100% on healthcare start-ups seeking Seed and Series A investment. The fund’s core investment thesis is that healthcare is transitioning away from fee-for-service to value-based payments, and with that comes a massive amount of disruption, and entrepreneurs are already coming out of the woodwork to solve these problems. Before becoming a venture capitalist, Jay Goss helped bring companies to life. Jay has built and run businesses across a variety of different industries/sectors – digital and traditional – working entrepreneurially for early stage companies (from zero to five years old), and "intrapreneurially" inside large organizations such as Disney, Reed Elsevier, Summa Group and UCLA, building new business units on their behalf. Long story short, Jay knows the entrepreneurial journey uncommonly well.

Peter Tam


Peter Tam serves as a board member and board observer on startup and midsized medical instrumentation companies. Peter is experienced with product design, and has manufacturing expertise for medical and commercial control and instrumentation sectors. Peter brings expertise to Tombot’s Board through global strategic partners (FDA and ISO 9001); commercial control and medical instrument scale-up manufacturing; and electronic (microcontrollers based) product transformation - idea to product. Peter earned his BSEE and MSEE at California State University.

Out of Tragedy
Comes Inspiration

Nancy Stevens, mother of Tombot Founder + CEO Tom Stevens, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011.

I’ve faced a number of tough choices in my life, but taking away my mother’s dog was among the most difficult. Nancy was always eccentric. In 2011, that quirky charm dwindled away. What was originally diagnosed as mild cognitive impairment steadily progressed to Alzheimer’s dementia. Not only did Nancy lose her ability to care for herself, she also trained her Goldendoodle puppy, “Golden Bear,” to be aggressive toward her caregiver. Golden Bear was Nancy’s best friend and primary companion. Sadly, rehoming my mother’s dog exacerbated her severe loneliness and depression.

At the time, I didn’t realize that my mother’s story was not unique. Millions of people facing health adversities cannot safely or practically care for a live animal companion.

I launched Tombot in 2017 to serve these people.

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