A Brief Rundown of Jennie's Features and How to Clean Her!

by Tombot Robotics




Hello Tombot family. I'm Tom Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder of Tombot.

We invented Jennie, a fully interactive, robotic emotional support animal. She will be the first affordable robotic companion animal to be FDA-regulated.

I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of Jennie’s features. We get a lot of questions about Tombot technology, features, and how people should clean her. 

Today I will be answering our most frequently-asked questions. Thank you for reading!

Jennie’s Technology and Features

Let me first explain that Jennie is covered with sensors, enabling her to feel how and where she's being touched. She can tell the difference between a simple touch, a slow caress, and a vigorous pat. 

Jennie also comes with a smartphone app that allows for a number of configuration changes, including renaming Jennie. Once you change her name on the app, she'll only respond to that given name. 

She can feel herself being moved and a variety of other sensors to help her understand her environment and respond like a real dog would under similar circumstances. 

When you think about the technology inside a robot, think smartphone. There is a similar processor, memory, battery type and battery life. Jennie is designed to last all day on a single charge, and is rechargeable overnight. 

Jennie’s software is upgradeable, so we will continue to improve the features and behaviors of our robots over time. 

Keeping Jennie Clean

A common question we receive is, “How do I keep my Tombot Puppy clean?”

After my mother fed her prototype robot chocolate pudding, we learned that cleaning was going to be essential. What a mess that was!

There are three ways to clean the robot.

In a typical home setting, you can simply use a wet washcloth and a mild soap or detergent. Jennie can get wet, but just make sure not to submerge her. Use this method to remove dirt and debris, as well as oils from hands to restore the fur to its soft, fluffy texture. 

The second way to clean her would apply to a shared environment, like an assisted-living or  skilled-nursing facility, where the robot might be passed from one resident to the next. Research from the UK shows that an antimicrobial spray followed up with an antimicrobial wipe should clear her pathogens. 

The last way to clean her would be used in a hospital environment, and as an FDA medical device, Jennie will be incredibly useful in this setting. We are working with the infection control groups at several academic hospitals to develop a level of disinfection to meet Spaulding Low Level criteria - a clinical standard for objects that come into contact with patients’ skin.

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Thank you so much for reading today. 

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In the meantime, I'm happy to respond to any questions, and look forward to hearing from you!

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