Investors Explain Why They Believe in Tombot

by Tombot Robotics





At Tombot we've created a robotic dog named Jennie, who is a fully interactive emotional support animal that will be the first affordable FDA medical device. 

We designed Jennie with the sole purpose of improving the lives and wellbeing of those suffering from dementia, Alzheimers, and other life-threatening illnesses.

We could not have come this far without the support of others, and our investors know that when they invest in Tombot, they’re investing in more than just a business.

We’ve experienced firsthand the amazing things you can achieve when your mission is to make a difference. 

Hear what some of our investors have to say about Jennie and how her technology is creating an impact.

Ed Peisner, Tombot Investor

Ed’s mother suffered for many years with Alzheimers, and watching someone so close to him suffer like that was heartbreaking. 

Knowing that people are not able to do the simple things like pet their dog, or be with their animal is tough, but Jennie is the solution for this problem. 

Her realistic emotional support technology is designed to help over 50 million seniors that suffer from dementia and mild cognitive impairment worldwide.

Jay Goss, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Jay knows that when you find a product that was thoughtfully developed, you think “wow, I wish we found companies like this all the time”. 

The fact that this product can sit at a tabletop at lunch and random people want to engage in conversation about this robotic dog is astounding.

It’s no wonder that we were named one of TIMES Magazine’s 2020 Best Inventions.

We believe this solidifies that Jennie’s technology can create positivity in the community and create a wave of better living.

Melissa-Iris Lau, Tombot Investor

Think about the last time you hugged your pet and own dog and how it made you feel?

Shouldn’t everyone be able to feel that jubilant?

We think so.

Melissa knows that these loving emotions you experience are something that people could have the opportunity to encounter when they hug and interact with Jennie.

Kwame Ulmer, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Kwame saw two things that were compelling about Jennie.

One is the ability to reach a lot of people that are suffering from medical conditions.

And two, Jennie will truly impact not only their lifestyle but also reducing the symptoms from the condition they are suffering from.

Our vision is to improve people’s lives, and with Jennie, we are well on our way to bring this mission to fruition.

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Tombot is on a simple, powerful mission.

We’re appreciative that our investors believe in our product, and we know that is why we have such a strong community.

We’ve come a long way with the support of our backers, and we’re excited to see what’s on the horizon with Jennie in the future.

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