Jennie Answers Her Frequently Asked Questions!

by Tombot Robotics




Woof, woof! Nice to meet all of you! I’m Jennie, the Tombot puppy. I have heard plenty of questions about me while on the road with Tombot, from how I operate to details of my technology.

I have been lucky enough to be designed with a special quality - I provide emotional care and promote emotional attachment in seniors dealing with adversities caused by dementia. I was born to stay by the elderly’s side and provide an alternative form of care to toxic medications that can otherwise be prescribed.

It gives me so much joy to see all the excitement around my future litter of puppies in training to share their benefits with seniors across the world! 

I’ve answered a few of my most frequently asked questions from all of you below. If you have questions about Tombot’s raise on StartEngine to further development efforts for my next litter, check out our Investor FAQ article here.

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Q: How is Jennie powered and how long does power last?

Think of me like a furry computer that can move! 

I was designed by Tombot to stay on and awake all day long from just a single charge! It’s best if I sleep when you do, and I charge overnight for our next adventure together. 

Tombot gave me the ability to rest to keep me awake all day.  When I am not being interacted with, I will remain alert and awake but will not move unless I hear a command, if I am being petted, moved, or touched!

Q: How can Jennie be cleaned?

All puppies need a stellar grooming routine! 

There are two simple ways to clean me. When I spend too much time rolling around in dirt, I can be cleaned with a wet washcloth and mild soap! 

For microbes, an anti-microbial spray followed-up by anti-microbial wipes mitigates most pathogens.


Q: Is Jennie’s software upgradeable?

Like a real puppy, I get better with age!

I come with a smartphone app which allows users or their caregivers to provide me with updates.  

These updates will improve and expand my performance and behaviors over the life of ownership!

Q: What else does the smartphone app do?

The smartphone app is used to make configuration changes, which among other things allows you to give me my own special name!  Once I'm named, I will only respond to that given name.

Q: What kinds of sensors does Jennie have?

I am covered with sensors! I am very attentive, and always listening and responding to voice commands.  I can feel myself being moved. I can also tell where and how you are petting me..

Q: What if Jennie is dropped?

Accidents happen! Good news is, I was designed to be tough.

Early customer testing showed seniors with dementia were likely to accidentally drop me occasionally. Tombot is performing production engineering to make me robust enough for everyday use, including surviving drops!

If you have more questions about me, the future litter of Tombot puppies, or our raise, please email us or leave your feedback on our StartEngine page. 

We are currently raising capital from investors with a desire to promote alternatives to medication in senior care. We have exciting updates ahead to share with you, and hope you’ll join our journey!

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