Tombot Fireside Chat: Lead Investor, Bob Peisner, Explains Why He Invested

by Tombot Robotics




Hello. I'm Tom Stevens. Welcome to the Tombot Fireside Chat series. Fireside chats are educational interviews with experts from the fields of health, technology and animals. Along with interviews, we feature families sharing stories about loved ones suffering from health adversities. 

I recently had the opportunity to interview Bob Peisner, who explained why Tombot is important to him, and why he chose to invest in the company.

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Bob’s Family Connection with Alzheimer’s

Bob and I met at an Alzheimer's support group meeting when his wife, Eileen, was in the early stages of the disease. Bob had heard of early-onset Alzheimer's and late-onset Alzheimer's, but Eileen actually experienced sudden-onset Alzheimer's. 

Eileen was scheduled for knee surgery in 2009. The surgery lasted about an hour, and then she stayed in recovery for a while. Once she got returned to her hospital room, nothing was the same. 

At rehab, she was told she would need occupational therapy, but she wasn’t able to complete the puzzle tests they gave her. This was an indication that something was wrong. 

The doctors thought that this was related to the anesthesia from the surgery, as opposed to the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s. Initially, they had hoped that her memory would improve once the anesthesia wore off, but Eileen’s memories continued to fade.

What Stimulated and Enriched Eileen’s Life During her Alzheimer’s Journey

After her diagnosis, Eileen tried painting for a very short while, which was difficult even in the early stages. 

What really made a difference was music. Eileen loved music, and she and Bob had close friends in the music industry. Playing their friends’ music helped considerably.

Bob and Eileen’s dog, Tammy, was also a wonderful companion. Tammy had incredible insight, and knew that Eileen was sick. She loved to be with Bob, but if he walked out of the room, Tammy wouldn't leave. She would stay by Eileen’s side. Tammy would jump up on the couch, and Eileen would just hold her and pet her, which calmed her down immensely. It was amazing!

Advice Bob Gives to Families Dealing with Adversity

For families that are struggling with the progression of Alzheimer’s and other mental health adversities, you’re not alone.

Bob highly recommends getting involved with a local Alzheimer’s support group, through the Alzheimer’s Association. The group that Bob’s son found for him was located in Thousand Oaks, California.

This was a great help to Bob, because some of the caregivers there had already experienced the same journey. Even though some of their loved ones had passed away 10 years prior, they were still participating in the same group with other caregivers whose loved ones had just been diagnosed yesterday. Bob was inspired to learn from others, and pass on his own wisdom to the next generation of caregivers. 

How Could a Product like Jennie be Useful When a Live Companion Isn’t an Option?

Bob was fortunate enough to be able to safely care for his wife Eileen and their dog Tammy at home, but what if that hadn’t been an option? Bob believes strongly that Tombot can be beneficial in situations where no other family member is available to take care of a live animal. In Bob’s words, “I can't imagine that it won't be a tremendous help, not only for Alzheimer's but for many other types of diseases where an association needs to be formed. It's going to bring so much joy to so many people who could use it. There's nothing I wouldn't do to help it get off the ground.”

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On behalf of myself and the entire Tombot team, we would like to thank Bob Peisner for this insightful fireside chat. 

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